Watercolor Texture Kit

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This is the Standard License for the Watercolor Texture Kit and grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use the Item to create end products that are *not* intended to be sold. For full Standard License rights and prohibitions, please visit https://every-tuesday.com/license/

For uses of the Watercolor Texture Kit that *are* intended for sale, please see the Extended License Kit, available here: https://every-tuesday.com/watercolor-kit-extended

Get creative with the full 40 piece Watercolor Texture Kit! This kit is packed with 20 unique abstract watercolor textures, 8 circle-shaped textures perfect for logos, 5 splatter textures and 7 blobs perfect for cropping into your favorite textures and keeping brushed edges. All 40 pieces come as high res, 300dpi RGB jpgs and transparent pngs - so you get the vibrancy of RGB and retain the high standard print resolution if you'd like to convert to CMYK for prints. And - with the included transparent pngs, place the textures on any background and never worry about having to mask unnecessary white from your edges..it's already done for you :) Create colorful custom logos, posters, stationery, social media posts, invitations and digital posts with an authentic handmade feel in a snap!

Like this kit? Check out Vol. 2! http://every-tuesday.com/watercolor-kit-2

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