Mega Paint Streak Pack

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This is the Standard License for the Mega Paint Streak Pack and grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use the Item to create end products that are *not* intended to be sold. For full Standard License rights and prohibitions, please visit

For uses of the Mega Paint Streak Pack that *are* intended for sale, please see the Extended License, available here:

Add some serious color and texture to your layouts, stationery, mockups and backgrounds!

The Mega Paint Streak Pack is stocked with 55 unique, multi-colored hand made paint streak textures in 3 different categories:

  • 35 Abstract Shaped Textures
  • 15 Circular Shaped Textures
  • 5 Wave Shaped Textures

Every texture comes as a high res, 300dpi jpg and transparent png. The longest side of every texture is at least 2000px. Also included in the download are jpgs of the mockups seen in the preview for extra application inspiration :)

Check out these videos to see some fun things you can do with them:

- Paint Streak Typography:

- Delicious Donuts:

- Paint Streaked Surfboards:


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