Messy Watercolor Brush Set for Procreate

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This is the Standard License for the Messy Watercolor Procreate Brush Set and grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use the Item to create end products that are not intended to be sold or used for business purposes. For full Standard License rights and prohibitions, please visit

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Create beautiful and realistic messy watercolor artwork, directly in Procreate!

This custom set of 208 Messy Watercolor Procreate brushes includes a combination of painting, scatter, pattern and stamp brushes organized within 8 categories:

  1. In the Messy Extras (14 brushes) category, you'll find dynamic watercolor painting brushes, paint splatter scatter brushes, blending brushes and 4 watercolor paper pattern brushes.
  2. The Messy Washes (32 brushes) includes background wash textures and soft washes for water bleed effects.
  3. In Messy Blooms (30 brushes), you'll find a variety of water bleeds in different shapes to fit the contours of the subjects you paint for that extra realistic detail. The curved blooms are especially useful for mimicking fur!
  4. Messy Splatters (19 brushes) contains a variety of paint splatter, flicked from above for adding simple messy detail.
  5. Messy Splashes (23 brushes) are similar to the splatter brushes, but they were flicked with motion, making the splatter more energetic. Also included in the splashes category are background splash textures and several blown drips.
  6. The Messy Soft Stains (16 brushes) category includes textures where there is a hard, colorful edge that transitions to transparency, with that transition filled with texture. Perfect for showing areas where the color bleeds from the subject or for exaggerating artwork edges.
  7. There are two shapes categories included in the set. In Messy Shapes 01 (53 brushes), you'll find painted textures in familiar shapes: circles, rectangles, curves, etc. These are great for building the base painting of a subject or laying the foundational strokes to guide the rest of the painting.
  8. If you can't find something that fits what you're looking for in the first shapes category, you'll find it in Messy Shapes 02 (21 brushes)! This category is filled with textures painted in abstract shapes to fit areas where common shapes don't quite work. These shapes are particularly useful in animal subjects, like birds and fish!

**Please note: All stamp brushes must be stamped in using your finger to guarantee full opacity**

See how these brushes work!

Watch them in action here:

With countless painting and stamp brush combinations, you have all the tools needed for creating original outcomes that fit your personal aesthetic. 

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• iPad that supports pressure sensitivity (see this list:

• Apple Pencil or comparable stylus

• Procreate (v.5.2.5 or newer)

These brushes were designed specifically for use in Procreate (not Illustrator or Photoshop), so they are only compatible with Procreate. An Apple Pencil was used to create and test all of the brushes. For this reason, I’m unable to guarantee the same results with other 3rd party styluses. If you’d like to test some of my free brushes for compatibility, they can be found at

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8 .brushset files totaling 208 custom Procreate brushes [standard license]

Procreate Version
5.2.5 (or newer)


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Messy Watercolor Brush Set for Procreate

15 ratings
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