Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set

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This is the Standard License for the Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set and grants you (the purchaser) ongoing permission to use the Item to create end products that are *not* intended to be sold or used for business purposes. For full Standard License rights and prohibitions, please visit https://every-tuesday.com/license/

For uses of the Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set that *are* intended for sale or used for business purposes, please see the Extended License, available here: https://every-tuesday.com/gouache-lovers-extended

Create beautiful and realistic gouache-inspired artwork, directly in Procreate!

This custom set of Procreate gouache brushes includes 12 unique brushes made specifically to mimic real gouache painting directly in Procreate. With several variations in opacity as real gouache has the naturally flexibility to provide, you're equipped with limitless options for multiple gouache painting styles. Two bonus brushes are included in the set (Gloppy Edge Round and Gloppy Edge Flat) if you ever need the appearance of extra thick, pop-off-your-screen paint strokes.

Brushes include:

  • Sketching Pencil: planning your artwork
  • Dried Out: dry brush effects
  • Liner: monoweight strokes with subtle streaks
  • Thick Round Textured: flat style gouache artwork with a little texture
  • Thick Round Opaque: flat style gouache artwork with subtle streaks
  • Diluted Paint: textured styles, similar to watercolor
  • Streaky Semi Transparent: slightly thicker paint than the diluted paint brush with noticeable streaks
  • Blender: use as a smudge for easy color blends
  • Flat Semi Transparent: mimic acrylic style gouache artwork with a little texture using a flat style brush
  • Flat Opaque: mimic acrylic style gouache artwork with subtle streaks using a flat style brush
  • Gloppy Edge Round: bonus extra heavy round paint brush with raised paint edges
  • Gloppy Edge Flat: bonus extra heavy flat paint brush with raised paint edges

See how these brushes work!

Watch them in action here: https://every-tuesday.com/gouache-lovers-overview

With countless brush combinations paired with different gouache painting styles, you have the freedom to create original outcomes that fit with your personal aesthetic. 

Get these brushes for free! The extended license of the full set of these brushes is included when you enroll in my online course, Gouache Botanicals in Procreate: https://every-tuesday.com/gouache-botanicals


To see more Procreate artwork using these brushes, find me on Instagram! https://instagram.com/everytuesday

You can also find me every Tuesday sharing a new design, Procreate or lettering tutorial on YouTube: https://youtube.com/everytues

If you’re new to Procreate, check out my free course, Procreate for Beginners! https://every-tuesday.com/5x



• iPad that supports pressure sensitivity (see this list: every-tuesday.com/ipads)

• Apple Pencil or comparable stylus

• Procreate

These brushes were designed specifically for use in Procreate (not Illustrator, or Photoshop), so they are only compatible with Procreate. An Apple Pencil was used to create and test all of the brushes. For this reason, I’m unable to guarantee the same results with other 3rd party styluses. If you’d like to test some of my free brushes for compatibility, they can be found at http://TuesdayTribe.com

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12 Custom Procreate Gouache Brushes [standard license]

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Gouache Lovers Procreate Brush Set

28 ratings
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