Beautiful Lettering Procreate Brush Set

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Create Beautiful Lettering in Procreate!

This set was specifically designed to practice lettering and then become proficient with it. With 12 unique style brushes in a practice and pro format, you’re ready to elevate your lettering with this single set (24 brushes total!). All practice brushes include pressure responding color dynamics, so you can monitor your downstroke and upstroke weight with changing colors for consistent, beautiful strokes. The pro brush versions eliminate the dynamics and reduce streamline, perfect for when you’re lettering faster and your muscle memory is refined.

Brushes include:

  • Monoweight Practice + Pro Brushes: smooth style brush with no weight variation

  • Signature Practice + Pro Brushes: smooth style brush with obvious weight variation

  • Brush Lettering Practice + Pro Brushes: weight variation with a subtle brushy texture on light pressure areas

  • Inky Edge Practice + Pro Brushes: weight variation with a variable textured edge

  • Rough Sketch Practice + Pro Brushes: weight variation with an obvious rough, sketchy texture

  • Pencil Practice + Pro Brushes: weight variation with a soft graphite texture

  • Mono Pencil Practice + Pro Brushes: graphite textured brush with no weight variation

  • Tuesday Watercolor Practice + Pro Brushes: built in watercolor texture with color variation in both brushes and weight responding pressure dynamics

  • Streaky Paint Practice + Pro Brushes: streaky acrylic paint texture with weight variation

  • Blunt Crayon Practice + Pro Brushes: rough crayon texture with weight variation

  • Big Marker Practice + Pro Brushes: smooth and chunky brush with no weight variation

  • Dried Ink Practice + Pro Brushes: variable, heavily textured brush with weight variation

See how these brushes work!

Watch them in action here:

Get these brushes for free! The extended license of the full set of these brushes is included when you enroll in my online course, Beautiful Lettering in Procreate:


To see more Procreate artwork using these brushes, find me on Instagram!

You can also find me every Tuesday sharing a new design, Procreate or lettering tutorial on YouTube:

If you’re new to Procreate, check out my free course, Procreate for Beginners!



• iPad that supports pressure sensitivity (see this list:

• Apple Pencil or comparable stylus

• Procreate

These brushes were designed specifically for use in Procreate (not Illustrator, or Photoshop), so they are only compatible with Procreate. An Apple Pencil was used to create and test all of the brushes. For this reason, I’m unable to guarantee the same results with other 3rd party styluses. If you’d like to test some of my free brushes for compatibility, they can be found at

1 rating
  • Beautiful Lettering Brush Set

  • Size
    11.7 MB
  • Procreate Version
    5.1.8 (or newer)
  • License Type
    Standard (personal use)
  • Beautiful Lettering Brush Set
  • Size11.7 MB
  • Procreate Version5.1.8 (or newer)
  • License TypeStandard (personal use)


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Beautiful Lettering Procreate Brush Set

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